Recently, I finished reading Show your work, one of the three books by Austin Kleon. The other two books are Steal Like an Artist and Keep Going. I have planned to re-read them.

In the chapter ‘Begin Again‘ of Show your Work, Austin Kleon explained that one should never settle for being a master in just one subject but always be ready to learn something new and grow.

As a curious and impatient individual, I’m always trying new things, such as styles and mediums of art, representing ideas in different ways, etc. And this has made me face plenty of questions regarding my specialty during job interviews since the areas of work have always been diverse.

Does this make me a master in all the things on my list?

No, I am not a master because I believe once you master something, an evolution of that subject happens. A simple example would be Adobe Flash turning to Adobe Animate and the use of Adobe Animate turning to Toonboom Harmony or even classical animation turning to 3D animation. Evolution and growth are unstoppable. 

Imagine if Windox XP continued to date, or the level of technology was still the same as it was in the early 90s or something!

Everything needs to grow, which does not mean that whatever was there previously or whatever you have learned to date has expired. It is with you. The only thing that happens is an enhancement and expansion of you along with your skills to grow and move ahead.

 And that is what Austin Kleon also explained. A new beginning is what everyone needs, again and again, to move on.

Recently, I have been sharing Character designs using reference photos. And that is something new to me. It has been an exciting development in my art journey. I enjoy doing it for two reasons: firstly, it has improved my ability to design characters, and secondly, it has enabled me to use my other skills, like doodling, inking style, etc, to create something unique. I believe what I am trying to share is understandable now 😉

So, why I wrote this Blog?

I wrote it because I wanted to share with you that wherever you are, at whatever age you are, plus if you feel stuck, just become a student again, a child, and learn something new and move ahead.

Remember, I made fridge magnets recently and also made character designs!

(Did you check the video? 😉

Relax, Breathe, be a child, a student, and keep moving forward with a positive mind and belief.

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of Love,