My journey from a student of arts and animation to a Freelance Illustrator and Designer has spanned almost 12 years.

There were a lot of questions and doubts I had as a student, most of which went unanswered. Now, being a professional, most of them have been answered. Although some part of me thinks that the answers could have been resolved earlier, eventually leading to faster growth.

However, it’s never too late to learn and gain knowledge. Like you, I am still learning all the time. That is why I decided to make this video. Honestly, it was going to be a general art video. But, then I decided to share its benefits which could be helpful to those who are learning art skills, trying to find their art style, or have multiple questions on the enhancement of creativity.


So, what does this mean? Is it a sure-shot method for your skills?
As said earlier, this was going to be a general art video. The difference I felt while making the video was the benefits I experienced while trying this method. Thus, I decided and felt the need to share it with a view that it can be helpful to others too.

Below are some of the benefits I want to share with you.


Many of us have a primary medium of presentation for our artwork. Acrylics to watercolors, brush pens, to even only Photoshop or Illustrator. These are our niches, and it’s great to have one as they represent our specialty that helps one grow, earn, and get recognition.


Time for the next art supply!

Did you mess up previously? Or do you feel something could have been better?

Unless there is a reason or pressure to recreate the same artwork, we avoid putting in an effort. Whereas, in this method, the laziness or excuses are gone. The excitement of trying a new art supply determines you to correct your previous errors resulting in a better quality of your art.


The application of art supplies is different.

Did you see any difference in using your next art medium?

Are the visuals look and feel new?

When trying a new art medium, these are some of its benefits.

Application, texture, look and feel changes. This molds into the development of new ideas and new art styles.


You are developing interest in your next art supply and want to try it more! So, this is what you gain from this experiment.

Interest in the new art supply and a boost in your energy to create more art stuff. Every new thing adds up to every other new thing being born. That’s how this benefit works. You will be able to create different artworks and can also experience mixed media art styles.


You must have observed how much you have improved and can judge yourself by now. We all admire someone else’s work more than ours and aspire to create like them. I’ve had this a lot too. In this method, every new art supply used brought little confidence to move ahead with the hope that the next one would be better than the previous one.


Have you counted the number of times you recreated your art? <

I have made it five times till now, and this will be my final attempt, which means I have practiced the same art six times. This auto-practice habit, avoided by many of us, is already achieved in a fun way.

So, this is it! A simple way how an experiment can be beneficial in enhancing your art and creativity. It is just a personal experience with the hope that it helps you too. I am not a teacher and always learning too. I will be sharing whatever I can with the same hope of inspiring young artists and creative individuals.

I hope you all enjoyed the video!

For any questions or ideas for future videos, let me know.

Thank you so much for reading and watching.

Lots of Love,